Monday, June 24, 2013


Ten amazing things Ed Miliband would have done in history if he'd been there – Telegraph Blogs
10. Global warming. "Thanks to my concerted efforts as Labour's environment minister I would have stopped this terrifying threat dead in its tracks, so that by 2013 I would be proudly able to guarantee to the British people that never for the rest of their lives would they be plagued by oppressive warmth and sunshine, not even in June."
Push for solar power that could cover a hundred Olympic parks - Telegraph
The National Grid, the body responsible for the transmission of electricity across Britain, told Mr Barker’s Department of Energy and Climate Change last year that building more than 10GW of solar panels would make controlling the grid “significantly more challenging in its current form”.

The warning suggests that solar farms will, like wind farms, have to be paid not to produce electricity.
Twitter / clim8resistance: "Pile's Law" is that doomishness ...
"Pile's Law" is that doomishness is an infantile tantrum at failing to assert will...
Twitter / clim8resistance: I.e. a toddler can't tell the ...
I.e. a toddler can't tell the diff between end of world, & not getting what he wants.
We haven't hit the global warming pause button | Dana Nuccitelli
the overall warming of the planet has continued, and if anything it has accelerated.
Twitter / RogerHelmerMEP: This is the landscape that ...
This is the landscape that McAlpine want to desecrate with wind turbines at Ryehill Spinney, Rugby.  

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