Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Generators pass on 115pc of carbon tax: power report
Its analysis of the spot prices in the National Electricity Market for Energy Users Association of Australia during the first nine months of the carbon tax has revealed that generators are passing through on average 115 per cent of what it costs them.

According to the report for the EUAA, which represents many big companies, gas-fired generators were able to profit the most, recovering 44 per cent more than their emissions costs.

Even brown coal generators have been able to pass through 95 per cent of the carbon tax and they will also receive $5.5 billion in compensation under the scheme, meaning they will be more profitable.
How Much Warming Will the President’s Plan Avert? (Hint: It’s way too small to be detected or verified)

Greg Gutfeld BLASTS Obama’s Climate Change agenda » The Right Scoop -
[12-minute video] Greg Gutfeld is articulate as usual in taking down the falsehood that is Climate Change
Eat the Rich: 21% of Swiss homes account for 50% of CO2 emissions |
As warned in Green Hell, they’re coming for our homes.
‘Noticeable’ climate change | Climate Etc.
*By any criteria, climate change is frequent, indeed the ‘norm’. Variability of our climate on a decadal basis is considerable.

*These decadal episodes of variability are no more pronounced in the present than they were in the past -indeed the volatility appears greater in the past as can be seen in the sharp drops, then recovery, during the LIA episodes.

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chris y said...

Transcript of Gutfeld's brilliant soliloquy on The Five-

"So today, our incredible shrinking president laid out his strategy to fight mother nature, and it’s hilarious…[Obama clip]… Ahhh, about those facts. Every major press outlet has admitted world temperatures haven’t changed in 16 years, and that climate predictions were wildly exaggerated. And those skeptics threatened for bucking the consensus- they were right all along. And about those ‘some areas of the ocean that are getting warmer,’ it’s called the globe, Mr. President, not ‘some areas of the globe.’ That’s why they take global temperatures. Talk about denying science, Obama makes flat Earthers look like Charles Darwin. He’s like one of those Japanese airmen from World War II, stuck on an island for decades, with no idea that the war’s been over. So how is his blather hurting us? Well, it’s making us vulnerable to oil-rich enemies. Obama kills pipelines and delays fracking, while bowing before creeps who hate us. Results? We’ve got a dying economy, we’ve got no jobs, less safety, all as Obama is shoveling billions to green energy, which is just the mob without the meatballs. All this, so the president can feel cool around Matt Damon. So to create a distraction from his swamp of scandals, Obama must wage a war on coal, which is a war on people who aren’t Matt Damon. Coal workers don’t hobnob among the Georgetown elite. No, they actually work, producing something the globe needs, unlike Matt Damon. Listen up, you climate hags. According to the emergency disasters database, almost 2 million people die each year inhaling smoke from makeshift fuels like animal dung and wood, all because they lack coal. I guess that doesn’t play too well in the patios of D.C. or Bel Air, where the only climate change that matters is which way the wind blows."