Monday, June 24, 2013

Oh, brother: After a brief storm that evidently seriously injured or killed zero of 3 million Twin Cities people, Minnesota warmist Paul Douglas gets all excited and blames CO2

The Jungles of Minnesota (nagging humidity and slight severe T-storm returns Monday & Tuesday) |
Friday was a head-shaking moment for me. After discussing climate change on TPT "Almanac"; how a 4 percent increase in water vapor is spiking summer rains & increasing flash floods (four 1-in-1000 year floods since 2004 just in Minnesota) I drove home from St. Paul - right into one of these super-sized severe storms I had just described: hurricane-force gusts, white-out conditions with waves of horizontal rain. Instant flood. Navigating around waves and downed trees, I was grateful to get home 2 hours late. Everyone has a story to tell about Friday evening's bow echo.

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joe Bastardi said...

Where did he get that figure? Tropospheric temps have been steady the past 15 years and rhs are dropping so how is a 4% increase in water vapor occurring? Has anyone else seen that? Or the trapping hot spots in the tropics. Your are dead wrong

Here is the counter to Kruehoffer's ( Douglass's real name, unless he had it legally changed, but the name I knew him as in college)

"Water vapour is the single most important greenhouse gas, wherefore it is interesting to note that global warming since 1978 apparently terminated in 1998, simultaneously with the step-like DECREASE in atmospheric water vapour content. Global climate models forecast an increasing amount of atmospheric water vapour along with global temperature increase. "

ITS BEEN DECREASING SINCE 1998, and the link at the end of it shows very little increase in water vapor while the warming cycle of the PDO occurred globally

for the us, the pdo has a huge effect on precip and precip totals have started to drop as in the 1950s after the wet period below

look at warm pdo precip in the us, 1980-2007
as the cold pdo gets established, like over the last 2 yrs and global temps fall, look at precip

this is similar to the 1950s, which btw saw a peak in severe weather such as tornadoes as the cold pdo started in exert its influence. the water vapor available to the US drops BECAUSE OF THE COOLING OF THE TROPICAL PACIFIC, NOT RISES. This in turn causes a drier pattern overall in the US which promotes warmer temps, even as the rest of the globe cools. In fact one may argue heavy precip events are the sign of cooling, though I dont need to start exaggerating events to make my points, just let the truth be seen
1950s precip

Last 4 years of GLOBAL temps, since PDO flip