Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Shock: 10% of NYC's solar-powered planet-healing bike docks appear to fail each day

Ten Percent of Citi Bike Docks Appear to Fail Each Day - WNYC
None of this was apparent when Mayor Bloomberg announced on a May morning last year that bike share would launch in July of 2012, and that Citibank would sponsor it. That event that was all sunny optimism: no one let on there would be trouble.

But then, bikeshare didn't launch in July, as scheduled. By August, it was clear that the software wasn't working. "It really is very advanced technology," the mayor said then. "Each station is like a dock, each place you stick in a bike is a computer, and everything runs on solar power so you don't need a lot of wiring and there's no burden on the electrical system. There's an enormous number of transactions you have to communicate in real time to central computers."

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