Wednesday, June 19, 2013

UK climate and energy chief Ed Davey: Unbelievers are "crackpots"; CO2's alleged long-term impact on the economy "will make current economic troubles look mild in comparison"

Davey: climate deniers are crackpots and conspiracy theorists | RTCC Climate Change News
UK climate and energy chief Ed Davey has launched his strongest attack yet on hardline climate change sceptics, branding them “crackpots” and “conspiracy theorists”.
“There will always be those with a vested interest in the status quo. Who seek to create doubt where there is certainty,” he said. “And you will always get crackpots and conspiracy theorists who will deny they have a nose on their face if it suits them.

“But the truth is this: while forecasts of the future rate at which the world will warm differ, and while many accept we will see periods when warming temporarily plateaus, all the scientific evidence is in one direction.

“And climate change’s long-term impact on the global economy? Well, we can be sure it will make current economic troubles look mild in comparison.”
During that debate former UK Chancellor and well-known climate sceptic Lord Lawson told his fellow peers attempts by the UK government to meet climate targets were “stupid”, reportedly adding that the “whole of this filth was predicated on a global [climate] agreement”.

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