Saturday, June 22, 2013

Walking the walk: Warmist New York "Scientific" American blogs editor Bora Zivkovic is taking consecutive unnecessary fossil-fueled trips to California and Finland

Quick programming note - #SciFoo and #WCSJ2013/#sci4hels - Yahoo! News
[Warmist Bora Zivkovic] Just a quick note. If you will be at Science Foo Camp (a.k.a. SciFoo) on June 21-23, find me and say Hello. I last went to this meeting in 2007 and I am happy to go back after a long break. Not sure what the event rules are, but I expect to livetweet quite a lot (at @BoraZ).

Likewise, if you will be at the World Conference of Science Journalists in Helsinki, Finland, on June 24-29th, find me and say Hello as well.
More on Zivkovic here
Fair-and-balanced "Scientific" American Blogs Editor Bora Zivkovic on science bloggers who disagree with his global warming hoax promotion: "of course, politically-motivated, oil+coil-industry-funded, GW-denialists are unhappy about being excluded from the sphere and correctly tagged as pseudoscientists"

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