Saturday, June 15, 2013

Warmist Simon Hattenstone saves the planet by getting candy out of the trash and giving it to co-workers?

5:2 your life – the carbon footprint fast | Environment | The Guardian
I admit that often I run my bath so deep that I have to wait an hour until it's cool enough to take out the plug and reduce the water to a safe level. I expect him to berate me. But he doesn't.
So I do. The great thing about turning off lights and not running water while you're brushing your teeth is that it feels active, and you can tut at those who aren't doing it.
"How much meat do you eat?" he asks.
"Love my meat," I say.
On Sunday I go to the theatre and buy a box of Maltesers. It's hot and they melt into a sculpture. My partner puts them in the bin. I extract them, and take them into work to share. Come late afternoon, the mutant Malteser is pulled apart by my colleagues and eaten. A good day's planet-saving.
"How many long-haul flights have you made this year?"
Last month I went to LA for work. "If you'd not done that, you'd have saved about 30% of the average UK person's footprint for a year."
Oh, and I went to New York two weeks ago, for an interview.

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