Wednesday, June 26, 2013

We're saved!: After over 10,000 warmists attended Power Shift in 2011, nearly 500 are attending this week's event in Istanbul

Twitter [If you can stomach it, take a gander at their Twitter feed below.  As part of their plan to prevent CO2-induced bad weather, they're dancing!]
This is what 500 people dancing from over 130 countries looks like
Global Power Shift
Phase 1: Istanbul, June 24-30, 2013
Phase 2: Everywhere, 2013–14

Global Power Shift is the starting point for a new phase in the international climate movement. First, hundreds of climate leaders from around the world will gather in Istanbul to launch a year of new strategy and action for the movement. Then, we will fan out across the globe to spark an unprecedented wave of events and mobilizations for climate action...
It’s here! Over the past 24 hours, nearly 500 young people from 130 countries around the world have descended on Istanbul for Global Power Shift, a week long conference to help build a global climate movement.

Global Power Shift » About
The first ever Power Shift, organized by the Energy Action Coalition, was held in the United States in 2007. It brought together nearly 6,000 young people from around the country for trainings and included a lobby day on capitol hill. The second US summit was held in 2009, and by 2011 over 10,000 activists came together for the third.

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