Friday, June 21, 2013

Wow: Prize-winning global warming hoax communicator Gavin Schmidt claims that National Climate Assessment work has gone through "500 levels of peer review"

Around the 20:00 mark of this MP3 from a June 18, 2013 radio show on KCNR 1460 radio (Redding, CA), Gavin Schmidt is asked about "the scientific consensus".

Schmidt claims that there is "very little doubt about the fact that our actions are driving the change in carbon dioxide and that's having the dominant effect on the global mean temperature right now...there's always somebody that is going to disagree, you know, you can find somebody who still thinks the Earth is flat...".

Schmidt goes on to say:  "When you get something from the National Academies, when you get something from, you know, the National Climate Assessment, you know, that's gone through, you know, 500 levels of peer review, ah, you know, those are pretty confident statements that you can make".

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