Sunday, June 23, 2013

Yeah, good luck with that one: With only a tiny number of Americans still seriously believing that CO2 causes bad weather, warmist Senator Brian Schatz suggests that "the power of ridicule" will work against the nonbelievers

‘Power of ridicule’ – New weapon against climate deniers
SAN JOSE, Calif. — As President Obama readies his program to curb greenhouse gases, climate change action advocates are rolling out a new strategy for controlling verbal emissions by climate change deniers — turning allies of Big Oil and Big Coal into national laughingstocks.

“The power of ridicule should be deployed here,” said Sen. Brian Schatz, D-Hawaii. “You have to get to the point where a major candidate for public office is disqualified when he or she denies climate science.” Schatz was speaking to the annual Netroots Nation conference of progressive bloggers.
“Some of the very same scientists who are denying the human causes of climate change were denying health impacts of tobacco years ago,” said Dr. Michael Mann, who heads the Earth System Climate Center at Penn State University. Mann notes that R.J. Reynolds spent $70 million to create a cancer-questioning institute.
Flashback: Mark Steyn on Michael Mann's lawyer's last celebrity client, Joe Camel: "they put him in a suit and got rid of the hump – in much the same way that the “hockey stick” graph got rid of the hump of the Medieval Warm Period. Coincidence? Hmm."

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joe Bastardi said...

Bingo front row. As socialist, they fear derision from other people and have no spine to stand for what they believe in. They would rather go along with whats wrong, not look at anything to challenge their thinking and march like sheep to where ever they are lead. Like the typical bully, he needs a crowd, but have him stand on his own one on one, forget it. So he naturally thinks everyone thinks like him. If you don't stand for what is right, you will fall for what is wrong. And there is a big part of this. They actually believe that the individual that is focused on the answer as the fruit of his labor, will capitulate to the crowd to get along. Its arrogant, and ignorant, but at least now people can see exactly what this is about

Its a play for the socialist utopia and they are prostituting weather and climate. And their words, from Howard Dean, to John Kerry to Whitehouse and the whole bunch are now exposing what these people truly are about..precious little about science, just another ploy for a controlled society