Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Attention, Omaha residents: Remaining warmists still include at least one of the former "Desperate Housewives", the "Guam tipping over guy", and the president of the Flat Earth Society

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MT : really is the challenge of R time. TU for taking step 1 w/us
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"I imagined the sigh of exasperation, or the muttered “oh God what has she sent me now." Maybe you will think this is a little extreme, or crazy? Maybe this seems like I am 1 email away from buying clothes made out of hemp and shoes made out of VEGAN leather (what is that anyway?), and eating a lot of garlic and grains, and wearing earrings that I made in my pottery studio. Next was feeling stupid that I am sending this at all! I mean who am I kidding - how can something as simple as emailing your friends and family make a dent in something as huge as “saving the world!" I don’t know, but I am going to follow the 10 steps and find out." - Felicity’s email to Stacy
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After high school she went on to New York University where she graduated in 1984 from Circle In The Square, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama

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