Monday, July 01, 2013

But of course: Shortly after we were told to expect 10 years of wet British summers, we're now told "UK set to bask in warm weather for most of July"

UK set to bask in warm weather for most of July | UK news |
A few outbreaks of rain are expected between now and Friday, but then the warmer weather is expected to return and stay right through into August.
Run of wet summers could last another 10 years - Telegraph
Britain has a higher chance of wet summers for up to the next ten years, the Met Office has predicted, after a new weather pattern was identified in the North Atlantic.

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joe Bastardi said...

pattern likely to be back and forth and close to normal, much of rest of Europe will be cooler than normal a 2 weeks of warmth does not a warm summer make

core of cool se of UK, but it shall return in longer term, after 15 July

UK MET notorious for using warm weather now as a precursor for later, and never seeing the cool that can come back. appears to be not looking at all at MJO and ENSO considerations that lead to the back and forth that has been going on, and will return for last part of summer. There has been no change in the major drivers and the coming warmth is a product of the seasonal feedback response which is a pendulum in patterns like this, though biased colder in the winter and spring. lets see if this warmth holds through August, that is their idea