Thursday, July 18, 2013

Hmm: Warmist Roger Harrabin spends a lot of time stressing the point that if temperature rises by a small amount, people don't really notice

BBC News - Chill out, save energy, no sweat
A glance around the lobby of the Marriott Hotel in Kensington reveals no sign that the unsuspecting guests are part of a remote-controlled experiment.
The chillers have been turned off by a signal from a computer in an office miles away.
Do the punters notice? They do not. Are they wallowing in a pool of perspiration when I return later? They are not. Has any customer complained about the temperature whilst this six-week experiment in the heat wave has been underway? No.
Has anyone even noticed? Apparently not.
Over an hour, the temperature of the pipes rises from a very cool 4C to a pretty cool 6C. Small wonder no one can tell. If the experiment works Marriott may ratchet up the switch-off time to see when people start to notice.

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Steve Garcia said...

Tom, you may be getting tired of me today, but I hope not.

Ever since I first heard of global warming my main confusion is how a 0.7°C since 1900 could make any difference. Even more, I still am befuddled by the small difference shown in the data and how such a small difference between that for the LIA and that for the MWP could bring such massive effects.

Specifically, my brain has always gone to things like Harrabin shows in this article: If we can't even notice a 1C or 2C increase or decrease, how can it possibly bring about glaciers bottoming out in the Alps, crop failures all over Europe, frozen rivers in southern England, and lower/higher sea levels?

Literally I got interested in this 20 years ago and then 15 years ago for serious (and with a change of mind) - when I saw Mann's Hickey Stick for the first time and KNEW someone was cooking the books (no LIA and no MWP? - gotta be wrong, either by accident/stupidity or by intent). And all that time I have had this logical sense that whatever they are reading in the record, it can't be correct - no matter which side they are on. The only thing I can think of is that the proxies are wrong. But I don't push that argument on anyone. The small delta shown just does not equate in my brain with the vast actual changes that DID occur. I would think the actual deltas needed to be 5-7C or more, not overall about 1C or 2C.

ESPECIALLY when humans can't even tell 1C or 2C. In a climate that changes to an undetectable sensory level, glaciers advance or retreat? "Poppycock!" my brain says. Farming in Greenland on just a 2C rise? "Balderdash!"

But what do I know?