Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hooray! Details here of a complicated and insane plan to pay people for allegedly preventing CO2-induced bad weather by using their cook stove

SootSwap: An app that enables remote verification of stove usage - Economic Times
...Each time the cook stove is fired up, the temperature increase activates the sensor. This temperature data is then wirelessly uploaded from the cellphone to a server where it is analyzed to indicate the number of times a stove is used and the duration of each use, enabling remote verification of stove usage.

This capability will create an opportunity to make data available to carbon market investors as proof of reduction in carbon emissions. Investors can then purchase the validated credits and transmit money directly to the families.


Anonymous said...

Is there a chance that the people using these stoves will figure out that if they turn them on and off more, they'll get more money? Even if they aren't cooking?

Anonymous said...

They can't afford a stove, but they have cell phones?