Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hooray: Warmist Michael Mann and James Randi take unnecessary fossil-fueled trips to Las Vegas, where Mann congratulates Randi for flying from Florida to DC to get married while Randi's partner drove Florida/DC because he can't fly due to a legal conviction!

Update:  A commenter points out the Randi probably isn't a warmist, and upon further review, I agree.   Lubos refers to Randi's "newly discovered skepticism" in 2009 here.  I had misremembered Randi as a warmist earlier yesterday--when I saw Mann's non-hateful tweet about Randi.

Twitter / MichaelEMann: Was in the audience at #TAM2013. ...
Was in the audience at . Congrats indeed! :-) MT Randi got married Congrats 2 Randi & Alvarez!
Randi got married « Why Evolution Is True
During his onstage interview this afternoon, James Randi announced that ten days ago he married his partner of 27 years, artist Jose Alvarez, whose real name is Devyi Pena. This was presaged by a slide in Michael Shermer’s talk this morning, which, when touching on gay marriage, showed a picture of Randi and Alvarez in tuxes with carnations in their lapels.)

When asked by the interviewer about his “news,” Randi raised his hand, displaying a wedding ring, and said it was not for decoration: he and Alvarez had gotten married in Washington, D.C. a bit more than a week ago. Randi flew there; Alvarez, who can’t fly because he’s restricted due to a legal conviction, drove up. D. C. is the closest place to Florida where gay couples can be legally married. The audience gave Randi a standing ovation. 


Anonymous said...

Any source for Randi being a "warmist"? After voicing his doubts on global warming he was harassed (just having undergone chemotherapy, 81 years old) severely enough to back down a bit, but in his forced apology he still seems unsure whether anthropogenic global warming exists at all.

As I've indicated, I do not deny the finding of GW. AGW, to me, is less clear, though I accept that it is likely true.

JREF (his foundation) on their official position on AGW:

-- there is considerable controversy within the scientific community surrounding AGW's reality.
-- Since people who are more scientifically literate than we cannot agree about AGW, we have no official opinion on it, save this: Be skeptical of everything.

Tom said...

Thanks for this correction. I've updated the post to remove the references to Randi as a warmist.

Shub said...

The JREF is not skeptical or anything about global warming.