Monday, July 01, 2013


Desertec Divorces Dii: Development Dreams – Dead Duck | Tallbloke's Talkshop
Desertec, the non-profit foundation set up to push the concept of solar power generation in deserts for DC transmission to urban centres, has pulled the plug on its involvement with Dii GMBH, the commercial company set up to realise its plans in 2009. Leo Hickman wrote a feature on DESERTEC in 2011. I wonder what this non-starter will have cost the taxpayer in the end.
BBC News - Smethwick recycling fire: 'Largest blaze' in West Midlands
A plume of smoke is rising 6,000ft into the air  [Via MH]
The Grand Prize in Obama’s War on Coal™ | Watts Up With That?
So the next time someone says they think the War on Coal™ is a brilliant plan, gently point out to them that they are advocating spending billions and billions of dollars to cool the planet by two hundredths of a degree in the year 2100, and in the process harming the poor … and ask if that strikes them as the most rational of plans …
Warmist Fantasy: ‘Obama plan could define 2015 UN climate deal’ |
The Obama plan is DOA.

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