Friday, July 05, 2013


Twitter / Scruffbucket: Excellent RT @AxeCo2Tax: My ...
Excellent RT : My 14yr old daughters school assignment. Teacher gave 100%
Fire in the Rockies | Duke Dean's Blog: The Green Grok
The West, along with other places, is seeing the advent of the “megafire.”
Watch Michael Mann’s self aggrandizing AGU presentation | Watts Up With That?
Of course, I was denied the opportunity to present as I never was notified of the event signup until it was too late, even though I’m a member of AGU. Just as well, they probably would not have let me finish anything I presented.
Twitter / Foxgoose: @ChairmanAl @LeoHickman Cults ...
@ChairmanAl @LeoHickman Cults need a mystic number 666 is the number of the beas - 97% is the number that foretells #climate thermogeddon.
The American West and the Energiewende: Part II — High Country News
even as Germany beefs up its renewable portfolio, it’s also burning more coal. Last year, 45 percent of its electricity was from coal, slightly higher than here

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