Sunday, July 14, 2013


Unusual News - Global Warming in Alaska Reveals Remains of 1952 Air Force Crash - AllGov - News
The C-124 Globemaster II cargo aircraft slammed into Mount Gannett on November 22, 1952, during wintery conditions. Between bad weather and the remote location, the Air Force was unable to reach the site at the time of the accident. The wreckage was eventually buried under snow and disappeared from sight.
Pachauri’s Latest Award: Can You Say Conflict-of-Interest? | NoFrakkingConsensus
An organization headed by a senior IPCC official (Working Group 3 Vice-Chair, Carlo Carraro) has ranked TERI, an organization headed by the IPCC’s chairman, first in the world.
Obama a flat-earther on Keystone XL — denies detailed 8-volume report from own State Dept. |
Jay Ambrose writes:

Obama himself is a flat-earther. How else would you describe someone who ceremoniously overlooks three years’ worth of scientific study watched over by a goodly portion of the federal government and summed up in eight volumes of precise, explicit, verifiable detail?
Twitter / RichardTol: I particularly like the bit ...
I particularly like the bit where @EdwardDaveyMP claims that they're putting up energy prices to combat energy poverty. @afneil
Think Of The Children | Real Science
The US Gubermint says that we are having a drought here in Fort Collins.

I wanted to share with you some terrifying pictures I took of the drought while riding my bike this morning. Avert your eyes if you are easily upset by these things.

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