Friday, July 12, 2013


Twitter / Foxgoose: The finest #climate science ...
The finest science brains of Royal Society refuse invitation to debate sceptical opponents at UK parliament
ICECAP: Just the facts ma’am
Seriously, you may have heard that The Weather Channel/WSI/Wunderground/Weather Central all under the NBC Universal umbrella and are teaming with Climate Central (remember Heidi Cullen) will be promoting global warming alarmist and hyping every weather event as if we never had a heat wave, cold wave, snowstorm, hurricane, forest fire, tornado outbreak before the greenhouse theory was adopted by environmentalists and politicians and, who spent $100B to bribe scientists to support their theory and for useful idiots in the media like those at the NBC Universal family to carry the water which they gladly do, never questioning them like good journalists used to do
Flashback: Warmist Kevin Drum on selling the global warming hoax: "...anecdotal evidence (mild winters, big hurricanes, wildfires, etc.) is probably our best bet. We should milk it for everything it's worth"

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