Friday, July 12, 2013


In Obama climate plan, states seek flexibility
Kentucky and West Virginia are each more than 90 percent coal-fueled.
Hot Cows Could Mean Higher Milk Prices This Summer - DailyFinance
So if the cost of a gallon of 2% -- or a half-gallon of rocky road -- goes up as the season wears on, don't blame your local supermarket, blame global warming.
Flashback: Yeah, right: After per-cow milk production rose by a factor of four since the 1940s, we're supposed to believe that CO2 will make it drop six percent by 2080

Twitter / Chris_C_Horner: Wind power industry has managed ...
Wind power industry has managed to thoroughly corrupt Denmark's political system, retired Danish High Court Judge
Twitter / bryanrwalsh: 2.1 million deaths a year from ...
2.1 million deaths a year from air pollution. Climate change since 1850 accounts for about 0.2% of those deaths:

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