Thursday, July 04, 2013


HBO's Global Warmed 'Vice': A Classic Case Of Climate Denial - Forbes
Climate change denial reached new heights recently in the HBO series “Vice.” For uninformed viewers of the Bill Maher series, Season One, Episode Eight paints a picture of a static-climate earth, straight from the annals of the Flat Earth Society. Climate change, the episode argues, does not naturally happen. Shut down carbon dioxide emissions, the episode argues, and we can stop climate change.
Fuel Regulations Throw Md., Va. Carnival Cruise Jobs Overboard | National Legal and Policy Center
The Environmental Protection Agency acts as if every new burdensome demand makes a huge difference for the health and wellbeing of humans, in addition to claims that its costly, excessive regulations upon private business are actual net job creators.

The data and facts easily debunk the agency’s junk science and alien economics, but unfortunately reality has failed to penetrate the Twilight Zone-ish bubble where EPA resides. So color the Beltway enviro-crats shocked every time a private sector industry decides it won’t play ball any more and cuts jobs and moves productivity elsewhere.
Climate change costs | The Australian
HAVING recently returned from overseas where the effects of climate change means global warming deniers are regarded as the village idiots of society, it is amusing to see that Maurice Newman can still get published with his ridiculous statement about "dire warnings of extreme weather events without evidence"
Hitch climate tax to the ACTUAL CLIMATE, says top economist • The Register
McKitrick’s plan replaces the piecemeal regulation and taxes, which are arbitrary and random (ranging from patio heater bans to a “carbon floor price”) with a tax linked to the temperature of the troposphere. According to IPCC scientists this is the “fingerprint” of greenhouse gas-induced global warming and the most rapid indicator of climate change. If temperatures go up, then so does the tax.

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