Friday, July 26, 2013


Understanding Jimmy and Mikey’s Work | Real Science
...But that didn’t suit the product requirements which Jimmy and Mikey were working on, so Jimmy created a new surface temperature record which didn’t look anything like the National Academy of Sciences or NCAR records, while Mikey chopped down Briffa’s trees and added Jimmy’s new surface temperature record.

Presto! A hockey stick which had nothing to do with reality. Just what the doctors ordered.
NOAA: 2012 Heat Wave explained by natural variability - similar to 1910
We conclude that the extreme warmth over the central and eastern U.S. in March 2012 resulted primarily from natural climate and weather variability, a substantial fraction of which was predictable.  [Via ICECAP]
Twitter / MangoChutneyUK: @dana1981 why did you delete ...
@dana1981 why did you delete my comments from your guardian blog? They were on topic and not rude, but disagreed with you - censorship!
Weather Extremes : Cold Snap hits southern South America (and More!) | Weather Underground
low areas experienced drops as high as 22-25°C (40-45F) in 24 hours
NWS forecasting record lows through the weekend | The Argus Leader |
In Sioux Falls, Friday’s record low temperature is 47 degree – set back in 2005. The Sioux Falls National Weather service is forecasting a low of 45 degrees Friday night.

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