Tuesday, July 09, 2013


Australian University Dumps Bob Carter, Advisor To Multiple Global Climate Science Denial Groups | DeSmogBlog
Dr Carter told radio host Smith that JCU had given him two reasons for their decision to allow his status there to lapse. The first, he told Smith, was that senior executives at the university were having to spend too much time defending Dr Carter's contrarian position. Second, Dr Carter said his former colleagues had decided his views were "not a good fit" for the School of Earth Sciences.

A statement provided to me by JCU gives a different reason. In short, the university says Dr Carter just wasn't contributing enough to warrant his position.
'Climate change' needs to be carefully considered - Cherokee Co. News-Advocate: Commentary
...It makes us even more suspicious when they tell us the “science is settled” and refuse to even debate their positions. Keep in mind here that the “science” was once “settled” that the Earth was flat and the center of the universe.

Someone who truly believes in their position is unafraid to debate it. That Al Gore (PBUH) and his ilk not only refuse to debate, but go out of their way to ridicule and destroy anyone who disagrees with them only shows the weakness of their beliefs.
Texas Farm Bureau: Obama climate change plan scarier than climate change | JunkScience.com
This administration plans to punish U.S. energy and food producers even more. I’m not seeing how unilateral surrender of our own economic fortune does any good whatsoever in the climate change grand scheme of things.
I’m not a “denier,” but I am a “skeptic” on the whole global warming thing. From where I sit, climate change regulation is much more terrifying than climate change itself.

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