Sunday, July 21, 2013


Why is Obama lying on climate change? - Marita Noon - Townhall Finance
The hearing’s “take-home points:” Obama lied. Boxer and Cullen’s predictions are false. The models are inaccurate. So, for this we are going to ruin the economy and disproportionately hurt the poor?
'Global warming' didn't cause grizzly problem
I believe the heavy wolf concentration in the higher elevations are keeping remaining elk herds down here and living among us — in order to escape them! They are birthing their calves in these lower elevations and the grizzlies, who rely so much on feeding on these young and defenseless animals, are moving in, too, to where the elk are!
Unprecedented Cold Headed For South America This Week | Real Science
Temperatures as low as -15C in the tropics.

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