Sunday, July 07, 2013


NW Energy CEO Rowe: Utility considers climate change policy – but still relies plenty on coal
Rowe, an attorney and former member of the Montana Public Service Commission, declined to say whether he thinks climate change is occurring and is human-caused, and should be abated: “I’m going to stay out of the politics.”
$10m freeze on global warming - National - NZ Herald News
The Government has proposed cutting $10 million in funding for climate change research in a move described as disheartening for New Zealand's highly capable climate scientists.
Green Party climate change spokesman Kennedy Graham said New Zealand had some of the best climate scientists in the world.
"This Government believes that it can hide behind a fig-leaf of indifference from the New Zealand public..."
Twitter / AGW_Prof: (1/2) AGW is settled science. ...
(1/2) AGW is settled science. Debating it gives credibility to purveyors of pseudo-science. Do we debate if moon is made of cheese?
Twitter / AGW_Prof: (2/2) Adaptation/mitigation ...
(2/2) Adaptation/mitigation is where debate is now. Wish more people would stop dissing science b/c they do not like solutions.

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