Thursday, July 04, 2013


NO… warmists do not exist on a higher moral plane than the rest of us |
Having failed with their substantive arguments, climate activists often try to make warmism some sort of morality play — a shield behind which they hope to advance their junk science-fueled political agenda.
Lobster Population Rising With Global Warming, But Carbon Pollution And Water Acidity May Poison Your July 4th Delicacy | KpopStarz
Lobster population is currently on the rise thanks to global warming, just in time for your July 4th celebration! But not so fast…
Great polar bear red herring in the Southern Beaufort | polarbearscience
So, I have to say, I was shocked but not surprised to find that in the more recent scientific literature, the phenomenon of thick-ice springs every decade in Southern and Northern Beaufort has been deliberately ‘disappeared.’
...In a truly astonishing move for what is supposed to be a field of science, thick-ice springs have been effectively replaced by an open-water red herring as the scourge of Southern Beaufort polar bears.
Twitter / etzpcm: According to Stephen Emmott, ...
According to Stephen Emmott, global ocean heat content was negative until 1980.

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