Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Obama’s climate action plan: a millstone around America’s neck?
Second, in Obama’s 2009 Stimulus Bill, he allocated nearly $100 billion for Green energy projects that have produced an embarrassing number, more than 50, of bankruptcies and near bankruptcies—while lining the pockets of his friends and donors. He is obviously a slow learner. Dr. Phil might ask, “How’s that working for ya?”
Stupid goes viral: Climate Zombies of Oregon, Hawaii, Minnesota, and northern Rocky Mountains | Grist
Semi-final score in three states: one unknown, six Climate Zombies, and the sixth sane person in 25 states.

RL Miller is an attorney, climate/enviro blogger, runner, quilter, keeper of chickens.
Terry McAuliffe's guest at Virginia Tech raises eyebrows | WJLA.com
Cuccinelli spokesperson Anna Nix later release a written statement saying that the presence of the global-warming guy [Mann] is proof that McAuliffe “will not protect Virginia’s coal industry and the tens of thousands of people who depend on it.”
Schwarzenegger touts California clean energy; Omits mention that state electricity prices are 30-110% higher than coal states | JunkScience.com

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