Sunday, July 21, 2013


Europe chilled by global warming - YouTube
[March 2013]
Twitter / ClimateReality: Easy way to talk #climate change ...
Easy way to talk change to a denier – Bill Nye explains it all
Cheap food is an addiction we must break | Environment | The Observer
supermarkets are only giving us what we want, and some of us need: food that's cheap as chips  [Where's the part about CO2 making food so expensive that we all starve to death?]
EU grants for green groups push up your energy bills: Families fund lobbyists whose campaigns lead to higher taxes | Mail Online
British families are unknowingly providing millions of pounds to green lobbyists who campaign for higher taxes on energy bills.

Since 1997, £86 million has been handed to climate change and environmental groups by the EU, according to the Taxpayers’ Alliance.

It claims Britain’s share of funding for organisations including Friends of the Earth, WWF, and Climate Action Network stands at £8.6 million during that period.

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