Monday, July 08, 2013


Quadrant Online - The Age of Global Warming is Over
There are many straws in the wind. Climate change is no longer flavour of the month, probably even in the coffee shops of Fitzroy and Newtown. There are far fewer conferences on climate change, or conferences at which climate change is up in lights. It just doesn’t get talked about so much, or at least not in the same way. There are more divergent voices in the public debate. Research grants don’t seem to be so heavily weighed in favour of climate-change-related research. Governments are backing away from climate initiatives, here and internationally. There are far fewer opinion polls about belief in climate change, a sure indicator of the perception by pollsters of the public mood.

It is quite respectable to be a doubter now and the doubts about consensus science are far more widespread. Voices that preached climate Armageddon are now more subdued. There is much tiptoeing away from the debate going on—even by the Economist. And by people hoping no one will notice that they are no longer talking about it.
Global Warming Gets Sneaky And Changes Plans | Real Science
Global warming was supposed to heat up the mid-troposphere, but after 17 years of no warming it decided that it didn’t want to do that any more – and slipped down unnoticed to the bottom of the oceans.
Oh Wait! Bricks and mortar will create warmer nights (weren’t we supposed to blame CO2 for that?) « JoNova
Lucky tarmac, brick walls, roads and planes don’t increase temperatures near official thermometers, otherwise we might find a spurious signal pretending to be a “fingerprint” of man-made CO2 when it wasn’t that at all.
Kerry Debunked: Deadly Indian floods not even caused by weather, let along global warming |
While popular scientific speculation about the devastating floods in Uttarakhand tend to attribute them to a torrential ‘cloudburst’, a senior climatologist with the Indian Institute of Science has contended that, curiously, the rainfall received in Kedarnath on June 16 and 17 “was not unusual” in these parts.

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