Saturday, July 27, 2013


Tom Curtis Doesn’t Understand the 97% Paper » Climate Resistance
If this survey had not influenced the arguments of Obama and Davey, and thus perhaps influenced UK policy, I might actually feel sorry for the paper’s authors and their fans. Instead, seeing for myself just how shallow their thinking is, and how transparent their politicking is, I am more terrified that it is so easy for such a collection of mediocre minds to achieve such prominence, merely by flattering politicians with such rank pseudo science.
Rising CO2 levels causing ''tooth decay'' in sea organisms
London, Jul 27 (PTI) Rising carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are having a catastrophic effect on microscopic marine life, according to scientists.

Experiments by the University of St Andrews show microscopic organisms, called foraminifera (''forams''), suffer the equivalent of tooth-decay as seawater becomes more acidic.
Year 2050: is the Royal Baby destined to be a radical eco-warrior? | Nafeez Ahmed | Environment |
Fast forward to Year 2050, and assuming Prince George takes after his environmentalist grandfather, he'll be grappling with the reality of an increasingly uninhabitable planet for over half of the global population....By around this time [2050], at least a quarter of the world's species will be extinct due to global warming.

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