Monday, July 22, 2013


Twitter / AGW_Prof: Climate Science Legal Defense ...
Climate Science Legal Defense Fund summer fundraiser: 1/3 the way to our goal. Please consider tax-free donation.
Want to Help Our Climate Scientists? It’s Simple: Here’s How | Global Warming: Man or Myth?
[Mike Mangan comment] Legal fees. It’s what you get when you don’t practice honesty and transparency. I sent money to Cuccinelli’s campaign instead.
Twitter / RichardTol: 185 days after he should have ...
185 days after he should have had all of his data ready for review, John Cook again pleads for more time to prepare another limited release.
- Bishop Hill blog - More slipperiness from Baroness Verma
The beauty of asking a question to which the answer is a number is that this kind of evasion is patently obvious. No doubt the question will be put again in due course.
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: CFSV2 continues to show one ...
CFSV2 continues to show one heck of a winter for for much of nation east of rockies

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