Friday, July 19, 2013


Twitter / IPCC_CH: #IPCC statement on #Economist ...
statement on article about sensitivity and forthcoming report
King Coal gets a chill as the World Bank tackles global warming – Telegraph Blogs
Greens point out that hydropower dams also cause grave environmental damage
Global warming scare is dying | Columnists | Opinion | Toronto Sun
an editorial in the Herald Sun begins with these words:

“And so the great global warming scare dies. Around Australia, bruised taxpayers will ask each other: ‘What the hell was that about?’ ”

You can take those words to the idea bank.

When historians look back at this era, they will write about the billions of dollars swindled out of ordinary people all over the world, in the interests of saving the world, to which we say: Chill already. Just chill.
The phase relation between atmospheric carbon dioxide and global temperature
We find a high degree of co-variation between all data series except 7) and 8), but with changes in CO2 always lagging changes in temperature.

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Steve Garcia said...

Hahahaha - So, basically, this is saying that rising temps cause humans to emit more CO2, right?

On the other hand, it COULD be an undiscovered time machine effect, which is able to take the EFFECTS of CO2 and ship just those effects (not the CO2 itself, or it would show up earlier) back about a year or so, and only a year or so - meaning time travel DOES exist, even if it is limited.

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