Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Chicago 35 Degrees Cooler Than 1936 | Real Science
On July 24, 1936 the temperature in Chicago was 107F. Today it was 72F.

Hansen says that heatwaves were impossible before recent global warming.
Greenhouse gas escaping in Arctic could cause economic harm, experts say - NBC
While perhaps startling, "the numbers in this paper are exaggerated," Richard Tol, a professor of economics at the University of Sussex who was not involved in the new study, told NBC News in an email.

"The $37 trillion to $60 trillion seems like a big number ... but it is the cost over the next two centuries," he wrote. "Comparing like with like, what they really find is that there is a small probability of losing 1 percent of income."
Twitter / Chris_C_Horner: MILLIONS WILL DIE w/o carbon ...
MILLIONS WILL DIE w/o carbon tax I actually said you could kill millions trying to detectably impact climate, but...
Floor Speech by Rep. Lois Capps, Safe Climate Caucus (July 24, 2013) - YouTube
[CO2 allegedly causes asthma in children!!]

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