Saturday, July 27, 2013


Popular Dana Nuccitelli's Paycheck - Funded by ExxonMobil
Is Tetra Tech aware that one of their employees is undermining the companies financial interests?

Why would ExxonMobil do business with a company that employs a loose cannon like Nuccitelli who openly smears their CEO?
Solar Max! | Real Science
The next image overlays NASA’s 2007 forecast on top of what actually happened.

Obama Shares His Understanding Of Climate | Real Science
Actually the stupidity in the White House is the most extreme on record.
In 2013, more than two-thirds of the US is below normal temperature.
Forest Fires have been the second quietest on record.
Tornadoes have been the quietest on record.
Obama has had the fewest hurricanes of any president
In 1934, almost the entire country was over 100 degrees.
Obama wants to lead an effort against a problem which doesn’t exist and which he couldn’t do anything about it if it did exist. He has no understanding of climate history or science, but believes that he is in charge of nature.
This is normally called psychotic behavior.

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