Saturday, July 27, 2013


Don't underestimate rightwing desperation in media attacks on greens | Tom Burke | Environment |
Tim Montgomerie was certainly right about one thing: current climate policies are failing. What is bizarre is his conclusion that we should therefore do less not more about it...Unfortunately the climate is changing in response to the laws of physics not the opinions of a cabal of ideologues and editors.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds the same climate model produces different results when run on different computers
As if climate models didn't already have enough problems, a paper published today in the Monthly Weather Review finds that the same climate model run on different computer hardware and operating systems produces different results, "primarily due to the treatment of rounding errors by the different software systems" and that these errors propagate over time.
Besides Tesla, no one actually wants to make electric cars | National Post
According to author John Voelcker, “Each of these cars [Fiat's 500e and the Honda Fit EV] is a compliance car — a vehicle built and sold only in California (and a handful of other states) in just enough volume to meet its zero-emission vehicle requirements, which started in 2012.”...Despite Voelcker’s contentions to the contrary, there is no pent-up demand for electric cars. Honda may be indeed be restricting sales of its Fit EV, but saying that there’s a waiting list because Honda is only distributing 45 cars a month through its entire U.S. dealer network is hardly the indication that the market is underserved that Voelcker insinuates.
The Renewable Fuels Scam, Explained | Power Line
America’s renewable fuels policy is a fiasco that drives up the cost of both fuel and groceries, to no purpose. Well, there is a purpose: lots of people are making money off the renewable scam. But probably not you. This short video from Smarter Fuel Future is a good, short introduction to the topic:
Green Weenie of the Week: A Guy Named Rush | Power Line
The charts like Holt’s that show a steep curve are deliberately designed to mislead.
Column: Well intentioned but flawed, U.S. biofuel policy in need of change
With the economy's recovery still fragile, we should avoid penalizing consumers at the pump with a well intentioned but flawed biofuels mandate.

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