Sunday, July 28, 2013


Cooling Poles – Top 3 Coldest Arctic Summers Will Have All Occurred In Past 5 Years
The Arctic, we are told, is the canary in the climate coal mine. No place on the planet is supposed to warm faster. As global warming takes hold, we are really supposed to see it at the Earth’s poles. If that’s true, then we should really be opening up our minds to the real possibility of a cooling planet because summertimes at the North Pole are cooling.
5th Daily Record in 6 Days for Antarctic Sea Ice Extent | sunshine hours
July 27 (Day 208) saw the 5th Daily Record in 6 Days for Antarctic Sea Ice Extent.
Chutzpah: Treasury Secretary blames GOP for Keystone XL delay |
The approval process for the Keystone XL pipeline has been delayed by Republicans playing “political games,” Treasury Secretary Jack Lew says.
History Shows Government Preparations for Climate Change are Completely Wrong.
Extensive and unnecessary damage is already inflicted on world economies by regulations to “stop climate change”. Inadequate energy production created by the switch from coal and nuclear to alternate energies exists in many countries and regions. In most countries, energy production is inadequate to maintain current requirements even in a warmer world. Demands will be much greater in a colder world, yet government acceptance of the created climate science of the IPCC guarantees we are not ready.
July 1916 : US Was Hit By Three Hurricanes | Real Science
Since Obama took office, the US has been hit by three hurricanes, the smallest total for any president.

But in 1916, the US was hit by three hurricanes before the end of July, including a major hurricane.

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