Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Mann-Steyn lawsuit judge inverts the defendants actions, botches ruling | Watts Up With That?
Given that sort of quality judicial work, I suppose it is no surprise that Judge Natalia M. Combs Greene is rated in the bottom ten judges of the Washington D.C. area by the Robing Report.
Buoy Not Showing Global Warming - science | Stuff.co.nz
''That's just part of summer ice conditions, and as far as we know it always has been,'' Morison said.
Below the pond was a layer of ice more than 1m thick, Morison said from the Applied Physics Laboratory at the University of Washington in Seattle.
Still No Support for Global Warming 'Slowdown' : Discovery News
A new set of studies from the British government’s Meteorological Office has addressed the claims by climate change skeptics that global warming has “stopped” or “paused” or is “slowing down.”
AgriNews: Report Global warming didn t cause 2012 drought
WASHINGTON (AP) — Last year’s huge drought was a freak of nature that wasn’t caused by manmade global warming, according to a new federal science study.
Global-warming Armageddon? It may be more likely than you thought - Climate Change - Environment - The Independent
Calculations from Canadian and US scientists show runaway greenhouse effect is realistic possibility

[The article is illustrated with this photo, entitled "global-warming.jpg".]

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