Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Why more people die from heart attacks in winter: Cold weather increases the build-up of fat in the arteries | Mail Online
Now researchers claim that a kind of body fat previously thought to be beneficial leads to a narrowing of blood vessels when a person is exposed to low temperatures.
Twitter / etzpcm: How to turn young people into ...
How to turn young people into climate change activists? Pay them €5000 & give them internships with marketing firms.
LETTER TO THE EDITOR: 'War on coal' is war on poor - Washington Times
Democrats like President Obama and Terry McAuliffe like to portray themselves as champions of lower-income Virginians. But Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has nailed it by pointing out that their “war on coal” (as an Obama adviser has described it) is really a war on the poor (“Obama climate adviser urges ‘war on coal,’” Web, June 25).

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