Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Global Warming Activists Arrive in Nebraska, Begin Shivering | FrontPage Magazine
Just imagine. When Algoremageddon finally kicks in and the North Pole goes up in a blaze of smoke spewing polar bears and igloos all over the place… it will be 51 degrees in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Michigan environmentalists aren’t hiding on climate change after 2012 ballot defeat | Bridge Michigan
Proposal 3 was soundly defeated last November, with 62 percent of voters rejecting a constitutional amendment to set higher renewable energy standards. But its supporters are not demoralized.
Michigan policymakers work on climate change – even as some avoid the term | Bridge Michigan
Has global warming cooled off as an issue in Michigan?

Just looking at how it is, or is not, dealt with by state leaders, one could guess it is in a deep freeze.
Rarely do the terms climate change or global warming come up in the state. But it is an issue, and it is being acted on. Just don’t call it climate change.
Arctic Ice Growth Since 1971 | Real Science
Is Mark Serreze hiding the incline of Arctic ice since 1971?

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