Friday, July 19, 2013


Quadrant Online - A fine tool for de-programming warmists
If one approaches the subject of man’s effect on climate with an open and sceptical mind, it is difficult to comprehend how the zealots of warmism managed to fool so many people for so long. The tide has turned on that little scam since the high-water mark of the Copenhagen circus, and now Taxing Air: Facts and fallacies about climate change, by Professor Bob Carter and Age cartoonist John Spooner, marks the hysteria's further retreat.
Alaska’s Most Famous Glacier Retreated Eight Feet Per Day Between 1794 And 1879 | Real Science

NASA’s Josh Willis Apparently Believes That It Is OK To Lie To The Press | Real Science
Our best estimates of sea level rise in the next 100 years are 3 to 4 feet
July 19, 1936 : 120 Degrees In Oklahoma | Real Science
Most of Oklahoma was over 110F on July 19, 1936 and Altus reached 120F.

Tomorrow’s forecast for Altus is 25 degrees cooler than the same date in 1936.
Settled Science Update | Real Science
Since 1998, GISS temperatures are diverging from RSS at a rate of 1C per century.
The real climate drivers - ocean and solar cycles amplified by levels of volcanism
These are the major league players in our climate. CO2 didn’t make the team.

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