Monday, July 29, 2013


Texas Attorney General Candidate Does Not Believe in Global Warming | HPPR
On the other side of the coin is Michael Mann. Mann is a prominent climate scientist and author. He says one of Happer’s statements regarding climate always changing is misleading, and current warming patterns are not consistent with natural climate variability. Mann also says a human fingerprint is clearly behind warming.
McKibben: ‘We’re not radicals… we need to cut carbon emissions to zero’ |
“What a great initiative,” McKibben said. “If we’re going to stop climate change, we don’t need to just cut our carbon emissions a little bit — we need to cut them down to zero,” he added.
Bummer: NC Blowing Off “Climate Change” » Pirate's Cove
Virtually all of the Hotcoldwetdry actions, studies, committees, etc have been axed. The giant 2008 study with almost 50 recommendations (higher taxes, more control of people and businesses, lots of pork and kickbacks to Dem campaign contributors) has been completely ignored. Awesome!

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