Sunday, July 14, 2013


Inside Futures: How are your crops doing
The temperatures are starting to rise in the Chicago land area with 90 degrees for the next 5 days which in my opinion will be beneficial for the crop due to extreme wetness and mild temperatures which have the corn and soybean crops behind by 2 or 3 weeks. I still believe that this year will produce record crops across the board including another record crop down in Brazil which could send stock piles to their largest levels in years.
The start of the end. Rudd ditches carbon tax for a trading scheme. Eurocrats now dictate what we pay. « JoNova
What once was the Greatest Moral Challenge, has now been downgraded. Not because the evidence shows it is futile, but because of the polls. It’s democracy in action, working through the fog of ulterior motives, and the inefficiency of lazy journalists informing distracted voters or not, polled with non-specific questions. But somehow, through the haze, the public realizes they are getting a bad deal, and finally Rudd realizes there is no rescuing The Carbon Pox that voters didn’t vote for.
- Bishop Hill blog - The greening of the Sahel
Geoffrey Lean has a an interesting (seriously!) report on changes to land management practices in the Sahel, which is apparently having an extraordinarily beneficial effect on life in that difficult part of the world.
Skeptic UK energy minister fired for being right on green-caused blackouts |
Climate change sceptic Mr Hayes had asked the head of power giants E.on to warn of blackouts unless the Coalition watered down its green crusade and made a U-turn on the closure of coal-fired generators.

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