Wednesday, July 03, 2013


Cuomo Says That New York Has Never Had Extreme Weather Before | Real Science
In 1821 New York narrowly missed being completely destroyed by a hurricane
In 1821, stunned colonial New Yorkers recorded sea levels rising as fast as 13 feet in a single hour at the Battery. The East River and Hudson Rivers merged over Lower Manhattan all the way to Canal Street. According to Coch, the fact that the 1821 storm struck at low tide “is the only thing that saved the city.”
Electricity Prices Highest on Record for May | Climate Depot
'The price of electricity in the United States for May was 13.1 cents per kilowatt hour (KWH), which is the highest it has been on record for that month'
UN: Decade is minimum for detecting temp changes — but 2010 was warmest year |

UN: Not possible to blame individual extreme weather events on global warming — but 2003 Euro heat wave blamed on warming anyway |

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