Saturday, July 13, 2013


Houston Unseats NYC as King of Exports | Via Meadia
In 2012, Texas boasted the fastest-growing economy of the 50 states, expanding by 4.8 percent. If Texas were a country, its GDP would be 14th largest in the world. This economic success has many sources, but the energy boom looms largest among them.

America has been blessed with abundant shale resources, and Texas is more blessed than most. But its success cannot be attributed solely to geology—unlike resource-rich states like California, Texas has implemented the right policies to encourage drilling and make the most of its resources. Houston is a great example of the power of brown jobs and brown energy, and an important model for other energy-rich states looking to emulate its success.
Climate Change Could Make The Tour De France A Lot Hotter | ThinkProgress
A March snowstorm created unusual conditions for a World Cup qualifying match in Denver — strange weather that could become more common in a changing climate.
Unforced variability and the global warming slow down | Climate Etc.
How we interpret the current slow-down in the rate of global warming depends very much on the length of the ‘leash’ in the true climate system (i.e., how large internal variability is).
July 1936 Heatwave In Minnesota | Real Science
During July 1936, Ada, Minnesota recorded twelve consecutive days over 100F, eight consecutive days over 105F, and four consecutive days over 110F.
Climate alarmists get hysterical now over temperatures like this in Arizona. If it happened in Minnesota now, they would blame Republicans and call for immediately world communism to control the weather.

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