Thursday, July 25, 2013


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.@sleepylemur You're under the mistaken impression that harnessing solar & wind doesn't involve pollution, toxins, salts, metals, rare earth
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: The "CLIMATE CHANGE' warmingistas ...
The "CLIMATE CHANGE' warmingistas simply took something that IS ALWAYS CHANGING and then made it co2 caused, which is what is bogus
Twitter / RogerPielkeJr: Aside from being called a climate ...
Aside from being called a climate denier (for referencing the IPCC;-) no one has responded to the testimony critique challenge from @Revkin
Global warming wars : Prime time : SunNews Video Gallery
[7-minute video] Lorrie Goldstein explains to Jerry Agar the pause in the global warming trend and the accompanying climate hysteria.
Twitter / clim8resistance: Alarmists shrill tones are ...
Alarmists shrill tones are our best PR. I think that's really why oil millionaires hire Bob Ward. @RogTallbloke @stevebloom55 @nevaudit
Twitter / sjhopkinson: I'd thought the rumour, that ...
I'd thought the rumour, that Big Oil funds the undermining of climate science, was tosh. Turns out to be true, and it's @dana1981. Who knew?
DECC Distances itself from Davey » Climate Resistance
What’s hard to understand is how a minister with such a brief, and such budgets for expertise, could have produced such a poor argument that his own department couldn’t get behind.

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