Tuesday, July 16, 2013


InsideClimate News job opening - Mediabistro
We have grown from a founding staff of two to a mature virtual newsroom of seven full time professional journalists and a growing network of contributors. We’re aiming to double in size and come to full scale in the next two years.
Twitter / sethmnookin: .@MikeGrunwald @CitizenCohn ...
.@MikeGrunwald @CitizenCohn @IraStoll I once asked CA epidemiologist how predict where high # unvaccinated. Reply: anywhere w/Whole Foods.
Climate Denial on Display: Greedy Lying Bastards for Rent and On Demand | DeSmogBlog
And I wouldn't suggest changing the title in a million years.
Dumb, Formulaic ‘Avatar’ Inspires WWF Leader | NoFrakkingConsensus
The US head of the WWF, when invited to choose a film to “help guide the way we think about the future,” selected the intellectually vapid Avatar.

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