Thursday, July 04, 2013


What You Can(‘t) Do About Global Warming | The SPPI Blog
The fact that we aren’t routinely presented with this data, leads to the inescapable conclusion that it is purposefully being withheld. None of the climate do-gooders want to you know that what they are suggesting/demanding will do no good at all (at least as far as global warming is concerned).

So, if you really want to, dust off your bicycle, change out an incandescent bulb with a compact fluorescent, or support legislation that will raise your energy bill. Just realize that you will be doing so for reasons other than saving the planet. It is a shame that you have to hear that from us, rather than directly from the folks urging you on (under false pretenses).
Talking To Religious Fanatics | Real Science
This is classic leftist thinking! In 1975, there were deep dips in the jet stream. In 1975 there was also excess Arctic ice and global cooling. This lack of correlation between Arctic ice area and jet stream dips completely wrecks Jennifer Francis theory, but the religious fanatic takes comfort in the delusional idea that scientists are smarter now – while ignoring the actual data.
Not A Single Honest Word From Or About The Rowing Team | Real Science
The Northwest Passage shipping route from the North Atlantic to the North Pacific has a huge amount of ice in it, and almost no open water.

Yet all we hear about the rowing team, is that global warming has melted the ice and made their trip possible. Another 100% pure global warming fraud.

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