Monday, July 01, 2013


Rate of temperature change along world's coastlines changed dramatically over past three decades
For example, the South American Pacific coasts have been cooling over the last few decades
Record low temps in the forecast - The Killeen Daily Herald: News
Central Texas could see record low temperatures over the next three days.
Meteorologists at the National Weather Service in Fort Worth have forecast Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night temperatures to drop as low as 65 degrees, 59 degrees and 64 degrees, respectively.
Tuesday night would be the first time temperatures dip into the 50s (in July) in more than 100 years, said Dennis Cavanaugh, meteorologist at the NWS.
"If the forecast actually happens that would set a record low for any day in July," Cavanaugh said.
EU CO2 vols fall for 2nd quarter as banks cut staff - News - Point Carbon
LONDON, July 1 (Reuters Point Carbon) – European traded carbon volumes fell for a second straight quarter, data compiled by Reuters Point Carbon showed, after some banks reduced the size of their trading desks and speculators shied away from placing large bets.
Behind the weather that led to the deadly Yarnell Hill Fire
[Washington Post blogs] Climate scientists have warned an increase in hot, dry conditions due to building greenhouse gas concentrations is likely to increase the risk of dangerous fires in the West.

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BenV said...

Killeen is just down the road from me. I'll say one thing about the cooler weather. it will sure make working the nearby Belton 4th of July parade much nicer.