Monday, July 08, 2013


Arnold Schwarzenegger: Let's terminate climate change | MNN - Mother Nature Network
The Los Angeles Times doesn't remember Schwarzenegger's time as governor as fondly, pointing out that California has "a mountain of debt" by the time he left office and that his "high-profile marriage" went down in dramatic, public flames. In fact, although Schwarzenegger is touring the world promoting action against climate change, he hasn't been making any political appearances in his own state. But the Times points out that Schwarzenegger did have a positive environmental legacy in California, where he signed the first state law capping emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses.

Although unpopular in California, the former (and possibly future) Terminator is still much beloved around the world for his stance on climate change.
Speaking of Republicans heroically taking on CO2-induced bad weather, remember when his 2014 reelection bid seemed far away, and Lindsey Graham was all over the news with his global warming talk?  I wonder why he quit doing that?

Rower ETA | Real Science
The rowers have traveled about 40 miles so far, which puts them at the far end of the Northwest Passage in about April of 2014.

However, the last 48 hours have been much slower, making their ETA sometime around the year 2047.

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