Tuesday, July 09, 2013


Errors in IPCC climate science » Blog Archive » Big pullback in sunspot numbers for June – nice “rabbit ears”
From here it looks like a slide towards the next solar minimum
Ocean acidi what? | Watts Up With That?
It is Interesting to note that we somehow have an accurate measurement of ocean acidity from 200 years ago when the apparatus to measure pH was only invented in 1924 and it wasn’t conceived as a measurement until 1909. It should be impossible to conclude within .1 pH unit the actual oceanic pH 200 years ago.

2. The maximum possible change from atmospheric CO2 pre industrial to today is less than .001 pH units, it is thus impossible to measure
New Pakistani government demotes climate change ministry | JunkScience.com
As soon as the new government assumed charge, the Ministry of Climate Change was demoted to the status of a division as part of a governmental drive to reduce the size of the federal cabinet…

Amir said the climate change department has become a “parking space” for federal secretaries who are sidelined by the government.
Claim: Global warming to kill krill, wreck ecosystem | JunkScience.com
Warmists love evolution but are loathe to apply it. Haven’t the krill always adapted to a constantly changing ocean?

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